When Cancer Speaks


United States
29° 40' 37.8012" N, 95° 35' 16.7496" W

Snow cannot compare
To these white rooms
Even wool cannot warm
The impending mood

Silence is only broken
By the music of machines
Visit only bring
Blood transplants
And more chemotherapy

Swept by age
He pays his debt
To a tyrannical cancer

Fragile bones hibernate
Slim muscles, once well kept
Rest on worn out hospital beds

Infant is the treatment
Delicate is the procedure
Years promote progress
But a cure still premature

Anger rises from the deserts heat
Blazing rage rocks my tears to sleep
Constricted lungs struggle to breath
As sadness begins to weep

Fear to lose what I love most
I struggle to regain my hope
Unable to escape, the fear, the doom,
I find refuge in the Savannahs dunes

The abyss is too eager to have me stay
When does the sun come?
In this darkness my smile rots away

Where is the dove
The cure
The happy endings
All I see is ending

It took the summer drought
Foraging for strength
To fall upon a mount of hope
That puts fear to shame
Now I farm the tons
In the fields of war
Life permits joy
Even for the poor

I hold his hand
Bear an ounce of strength
Glance into the blissful Fall
Oh, the pain of man

In the wake of goliaths rage
I feel a warmth that tells me stay
To rise
And fear no more

For the first time
In over two years
I knew the truth
Cancer would finally speak
Her lessons, bitter-sweet

“Analyze the calamity of the storm
She says,
You’ll notice you haven’t lost much
Only the tangible
But your spirit is still in tact

I’m a realization
Of how vulnerable life can be
More importantly
How indispensible love is

Focus on the intangible
You’ll realize I cannot take that away

Don’t waste the seconds on fear
Time is limited
Appreciate the given
Appreciate it with them

Focus on the quality of living
Smell the roses
Share your story
Give others
Your knowledge, strength, and message
Because it’s endangered”
Cancer, the architect of fear
Gave me a gift
A silver lining to the cloud of tragedy;

She might have stripped the land of trees
But she has left their fruitful seeds
And in their absence
They will grow
Always thanking
The trees that dug their holes

My grandfather fights
But also lives
Sharing such an incredible gift
His tales
His story
His wisdom
His tenacity

Love thy neighbor
Smell the breeze
Always smile at all the pretty things

In his bed he slowly slips
Into an eternal sleep
Rest in paradise
Forever will be our memory

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Supper excited, its my first poem!

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