When can I love?


Do not tell me that what I feel is fake

Do not tell me I am too young

Do not tell me I cannot feel what I feel

Do not tell me that I do not understand

When it is you who will not listen

You do not understand me

You do not understand why I would love him

But you do not need to understand why I do

For it is I that loves him and not you

You think all teenagers fall in love and it could not be real

You think I cannot love him because I am too young

But mother, I love you

I love my best friend who is like a sister to me

I love the way the sun feels on my skin during an autumn day

I love sitting on the beach staring at the waves under a full moon

I love the kitten I handpicked from a litter down the road

Why can I love all these things but not him?

How can I be too young to love him?

How can I be too young to love?

When did the feeling of love come with an age that I had to reach?

I think that adults forget that they too were once young and in love

Perhaps that is why they say this

Did your love not work out for you?

Do you think that because it did not work out for you it would not work out for me?

It has been three years now

Am I old enough to understand love?

Am I capable of love now that I am in my twenties?

You may think that I did not love that boy

But I can still say to this day that I did

I may no longer love him but at one point I did

I did learn something from this though

You can love someone no matter your age

You can love someone that does not love you

You can stop loving people

People will show that they love you differently than you do

You can fall in love with a million little things

You can and may love a lot of different people throughout life

Never let someone tell you what you feel is fake

Because your feelings are your own



Absolutely incredible. I remember feeling this exact same way. (Sometimes, I still do.) Forget society and forget what parents may say... Love is so real at any age.


Thank you :) 
I agree with you on that. 

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