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I am very excited to tell you about my favorite space – The Vessel, a tourist attraction in New York City. Opened on March 15, 2019, it still remains as one of the city’s newest outdoor attractions at Hudson Yards on Manhattan's West Side. In order to partake in the charms of this structure, some serious exercise and a good pair of sunglasses are required. In this massive set of stairs, your feet will continuously be directed upwards rather than east or west onto this exceptional and curious arrangement. To think about it, it’s essentially an immense set of geometric interconnecting staircases that ultimately lead to… absolutely nowhere. Although once on top, you’ll definitely feel like you’re evidently somewhere. The view over Hudson Yards’ remaining visible path across the Hudson River to New Jersey is nothing but breathtaking. As you look down from the very top of 150 feet you see several ant-sized people gazing up at the imposing structure. At such a height you’ll feel the sense of acute anxiety and catharsis of surpassing such a threshold. 

British designer Thomas Heatherwick, initially constructed it successfully in Italy, then transported across the Atlantic to Newark in six shipments; taking nearly two years to build at a cost of $200 million. To step inside you need a timed-entry ticket, yet the tickets are free and can be secured online in advance, or on the day of at kiosks nearby. Once in, you can spend as much time needed admiring New York’s architecture or taking photos from different heights and angles. The glowing blue light in the very center of the Vessel’s floor is especially popular for taking selfies of the ravishing view up to the sky. So I suggest if you ever get an opportunity to travel to New York City, go visit The Vessel at Hudson Yards, it is a great way to experience true modern architecture and a thought-provoking framework all in one. I love The Vessel for a countless amount of reasons but more so to evoke my architectural passion. It encourages me to think bigger and engage in more complex designs like of Heatherwicks.


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