When America Died

I am an American.

Living in a country built upon the dreams and aspirations of previous generations,

But it appears our country has gone through some alteration

Leading to devastation.


John Dewey once said: 

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."

Now let me ask you,

Is it just me, or has America left education sitting on the shelf?


Our ancient institutions of education have far out lived its usage.

Manipulating students into robots and utilizing them as machines.

We put them in rows nice and neat.

Make them raise their hand when they want to speak.

Give them a short break to eat,

And for 8 hours a day we teach them how to think, act, and believe.


See I feel we need people who think

Critically, independently, and unique.

We hear every day that great minds think alike,

But have you stopped and thought that maybe we should toss that idea aside?


Anyone will tell you that no two people are the same,

And if that's the case shouldn't every persons' brain fit that claim?

318 million minds living this "dream"

It's about time that we make a change and help them see

What it means for Americans to be alive.

This poem is about: 
My country


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