What's a squish

"What's a squish?"

people ask.

I do not

answer for

I cannot

express the

fear, tremors,

sickness, and

joy I feel

when I see

those whom I

can deny

no info.


"A squish," says

the website,

"is like a 


crush. A very


feeling, but







You want them

to want to

be your friend,

a good friend,

a close friend,

but nothing

but a friend.


and it hurts

when you find

they want more

or less, or

not a thing

to do with

you and your

terms and words

and feelings.


Because you

are lost in

a world which

believes not

in the a-


or perhaps




You take a breath.

You take another.

Life goes on,

for all that you wonder

about yourself,

your future,

you past,

about if things will ever last,


And here we see what all have known,

that those once planted will be grown,

and when you see your squish again,

perhaps you will have formed a plan

to see and speak of what you want

without it seeming thin and gaunt.

And if they may reject you still,

let your soul with sadness fill.


For the feelings, you know, are complex,

and I know they will still you vex,

but think again of your friend and foe,

the one whom you strived to know,

think on them with fondness, then let them go.


Because they weren't worth your time,

but time used is never wasted, fine

things and people are coming inside,

and these things can be taken in stride.

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