What's Real Anymore

Face's, so many I see what is real anymore

All of the face's in the hall they seem happy but are they really. As I walk by all of the laughing and smiling faces I wonder if it's just a mask they put on so no one can see the real them. Then I soon relized that they were mask covering up the real them because we are all scared to show our true selfs in high school. The thoughts will ever go through any high schooler mind " Am I good enough or Pretty enough" these thoughts swirl our minds so instead of facing the world of high school as our true selfs we put on these masks that we think people will like so we can be liked.  Then you have a whole school looking and acting the same there is no orginallity we soon become apart of this world and craving to fit in because if you don't then your a nobody. Even with the age of social media younger boys and girls are seeing these masks and they are starting to make their own so they can fit in also. The world we live in now is showing us if your not like this no one will want to be with you. The younger and younger we put on these masks and the longer we keep them on we soon find out we don't know who we are without these masks on and the day we take them off  this will be the day we confront our inscurties and flaws about our selfs and we will love ourselfs for who we are not and not for who we were tring to be.  I'm here to say love yourself  be the real you the people who you consider your freinds will leave you at a drop of a hat. But if you show the real you those real friends will be there for you no matter what the outcome will be. TAKE OFF the MASK and show the REAL YOU. You wil be surprised bythe people out in the world and how you've been missing out on amazing things.





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