What's Real?


Round and round we go

time continually moving through an infinite loop

of truths and experiences prove that 

we are not as used to to the unforseen movement of reaity 

as we hurdle to the information booth of the universe in through the room of enligntended thoughts and tune in to the venerate notions of whats real

and we learn that the only real is that witch we choose 

Truth in essence is a lie

listen to the blues those vibrating strums and voices raw with strife as the singer pours us a glass of soul like a fine wine drunken from fine crystal by a drunkard

we sip it like moscato on a warm winter day

who said life had to always congregrate with our

fabricated ideals of whats real?

life is like a roller coaster ride and time is the tracks

enjoy the ride and dont forget to throw your hands in the air and yell like a maniac when you reach the top right before the drop.

wheres the fun in ducking your head and missing the sights.

 it wil be a wild ride so hold on tight

and remember that your truth is your reality

round and round we go

time is an infinite loop of misunderstood truths reality warps and skewed sorts

who am i to tell you whats real when i just expressed that real is a construct of our minds

and time is an infinite loop of reals

as we round the bend and start our climb dont forget to keep your head up

 throw your hands in the air and yell like a maniac when you reach the top 

right before the drop.



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