What's a Poet?


Do they hide in shadows of the alleys?

Of course not silly they tell the tales that some will never hear!

They are the ones that can read your heart like an open book my dear! Haha!

Why you ask such silly questions?! They are humans! Not scum!

I heard they were the ones that were sleeping in our yards. 

Least that's what brother Billy said.

But Richard said they were prophets,

spouting out there words like it was something I must here.

No, how dare you insult them!

They are the ones who truly understand how precious life does,

similar to saints, but yet not as ghost do.

No they are the ones round the fire that see what we do and then they put it into words!

Can you imagine? Having the power to put action onto paper?!?

To be able to create something concrete that can be shared from thin air?

Never! That's an impossible thought!

Why neither of us used to believe such silliness! 

Our thoughts were of logic! And proper! What do you mean!

Do you mean to tell me that some believe they can magically create?


Yes yes I do. They are the painters of words, and I shall be one too!

i shall create words that when singular are like bones, there, but only blunt objects,

no meaning no life, 

but like Victor Frankenstien, or God even, I shall being them forth to create beauty! 

And then I- No this is blasphemous! How could you?

This is folly! Stop it now! Playing God! What a notion!

No it's me, I will no longer be you.

"You", "me", what strange words, I am you,

you are me, I am not going anywhere!

No you shall leave, you, are not me. 

I am free.

I am still going to be here. I'll wait.






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