What's in a poem?

What's in a poem

Words that sound so sweet

Bending our perception

Where vision and passion meet


Words are the beginning

They create new realities

Bending the shift of our mind

Expanding on galaxies


My pen is my sword

My tongue my shield

When our reality settles in

Poetry does not yield


Poetry is mystical

It is a magic that cant be shaken

The curtain falls and the fog lifts

But the mystery isn't taken


The show may end

The words may fade

But the impact on the heart

That will never change


Words change lives

Words have power

Grasp desperately for this moment

Don’t miss this hour


In just a few letters

Your destiny lies before you

Jumbled all together

Its all about the words you choose


Pick up your pen

Take hold you fate

Write your own story

That no one else can take


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