What's An Identity?


What’s an identity?

Is it given so that one day it can be taken away?

Is it true, universal or a societal wave? 

Was it given by my parents?

Was it inherited?

And, can I give it back to them if I don’t want to inherit it?

Does it matter if I question or do answers come eventually?

Because as soon as they get sent to me, I can move quickly and from this standing spot this quick-sanding lot that brands by not definition, but by some other form of branding.

Let me explain.

Life of A Young Black Man and his confused mind-state, misused mind-state, his subdued mind-state, his so true to himself in the dark, but in the light his untrue mind-state. 

A mind-state more divided than the Union in 1851 and like 1851; Color seems to disrupt, Color must be enough to spark rage in our age and forever after us because it never fades like blood stained soldiers in the dust. 

"We must hate. We must wage war against the color of mud for our purity and our glory succeeds when those negros don’t breathe cause those negros don’t breathe the way we do."

"Yeah Black Boy."

"It’s not cute to be black with lips like that and hair that short and skin so coarse.  It’s repulsive." And their words only feel worse because I love them anyway, and it puts me in imprisonment ‘cause all I can bare to do is care for you, even if you’re filled with lofty ignorance. 

"Yeah Black Boy."

Every prejudice is George Zimmerman in its essence and it happens both ways like cellular connection tips.  I’d be black to the whites and white to the blacks that you’d expect would show fellowship, but since civil means white than I can’t make the connection click, so apparently I’m separate.

It’s separation from the racist that lead to segregation within the races like he’s darker and less worthy, she’s lighter and more purty, he’s smarter and less real, he’s doper cause he’ll kill, 

But I believe the realist are the men who learn to triumph from violence, I believe the realist are the who men who learn silence the malice, and think for themselves while in America’s Hell instead of feeding into everything the media sells. 

Now I’m a “white boy”.

Because I don’t like to fight?

And, I prefer to write about the problems in my life?

And, I think we shouldn’t glorify the killing and the crime?

And because I call women, women instead of bitch, because my mom might have been that same girl you know once upon a time?

And, now they don’t want to chill because I’m too different from them now…. 

Now I’m a “white boy”.

Because I like to wear clothes that I’m more comfortable in?

And, I like to talk to girls that I’m more comfortable with?

And, I like listening to songs that have message in them?

Instead sex, drugs, money like it’s all that exist, I’m offering help, love, and comfort and a question again …

What’s an identity?

It’s something that something that society craves because to label is to disable all the world you’ll create

So you can call me what you’d like: I got a story to make and a nation to change cause an identity does nothing, but make my freedom enslaved.


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