Whats a Filter?


What do you mean filter?
I've always been too honest for my own good.
Since I was little I never really tried to filter myself.
I was always truthful with how and who I was.
I didn't understand how to be any other way.
I still don't understand how.
If I wanna sing, I sing.
If I wanna dance, not even Death himself can stop me!
Yet, as I grew older my parents told me to do otherwise.
They’d tell me things like, “Don't eat that! Its for dessert.”
Or, “Stop beating up those boys.”
And my personal favorite, “No Tawni, you can't be a stripper when you grow up.”
They were downers.
Nothing’s changed, I still have no problem doing any of those things.
It’s just not in my nature to lie or be deceitful about myself.
Why should I make people think i'm not completely awesome?
I let you know what I'm like beforehand, so that way you won't be surprised to discover i'm a fucking weirdo.
How messed up would that be to find out a friend of three months was a twilight fan or something?
Would you still wanna be friends?
You can't send em’ back for a new one.
Well, you can stop being their friend, but that would be an asshole move.
Don't be an asshole.
I like to think most people are like mystery flavor Laffy Taffy's.
You don't know what your gonna get until you stick em’ in your mouth.
It’s a gamble.
If you like what you get then, BAM, you got a new BFF!
If you don't, you're left with a shitty pun and a bad taste in your mouth.
Me, I got my flavor printed on my forehead.
Easier to see that way.
You know what you signed up for if you choose me.
That way, everyone goes home happy.
If they don’t choose me for my flavor, that's their choice.
It won't hurt my feelings.
Everyone has an opinion.
I know I can be pretty intense, or come off as some drug addicted odd ball.
Though I've never done drugs in my life.
*cough* *cough* Weed doesn't count.
I think freshmen year in high school was strange for us all.
Anyway… Its just difficult for me to lie or trick people that way.
I've never been anyone but myself.
I’m too lazy to have a filter.


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