What You Have Done

Life has a way of tearing people down.

Whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally.

Sometimes we get so used to things tearing us down we don’t recognize when we do it to ourselves, or to other.

But every day you talked to me all of that went away.

Suddenly I had someone to believe in my in a way no one else could.

You never were much of an emotional person, nor a very verbally kind person, or even a positive person at times.

Nevertheless you always found a way to lift me up when I was down.

Calm me down when my mind was up and out of sorts.

Everytime I needed someone to support me you would be there even if it meant giving something else up.

But it wasn’t just me, it was all of us.

You always would say “why would I want kids when I have you guys, and this way I don’t have to change your diapers or feed you.”

The way your mind worked always amazed me,

Never failing to be level headed, or to bring us back into a positive mindset without having to tell us much.

We couldn’t doubt how much you cared about us, but it wasn’t until you had to leave that we realized just how much.

As I said, you are not known to be an emotional man.

But that day you had tears running down your face, and that broke all of us in a way we didn’t know existed.

No one left that room with dry eyes, but if we had, then having you as a coach wouldn’t have meant the same.

I hope you know what you have done.



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