What You Do To Me (About a girl who's confusion only hurts her)

Sometimes your face begs the question

staring deep into my soul

waiting on my answer

not in words

but in whispers

spoken through touch

we were happy

and we were alone

but together in our suffering

you seem to deny my existence

is it because of her

or is it me

don't you see what you do to me? 

I'm leaving my hiding spot

I've taken residence in so long

tiptoeing towards you

without a care in the world

do you notice what you do to me?

a broad smile not even the worst disaster could take away

a feeling of pure innocence

when i'm with you 

facing my worst fears

secrets only you know

a single tear drop running down my face in the dark

you promised

you said everything would be okay

secrets spoken in hushed whispers 

trying to free themselves from the cages we put them in

did you give up on me? 

you said you wouldn't leave

even if things got hard

it was gonna be alright

maybe to  you 

but not to me

she's my replacement 

it's plain to see

don't even bother 

if you can't see what you did to me

It doesn't matter any more

our time ran out

you quit too soon

making excuses

then making room

for someone else

besides me,

i understood you

and i know you understood me

our lives crossed at the perfect time

don't consider my love a loss

consider it a gift

given to you

because you never appreciated it 

like you know you should have

i gave you my heart

don't you see what you did to me? 



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