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Do you know why I tell you I love you everyday?
Because people forget.
Write a memo forget where you put it
Even when its embedded in your skin
Coursing through you
Data feeds and electricity.
Sometimes I forget
You’re not a machine.
All the locks but no keys.
Phones that don’t ring.
And should I leave
I’ll just leave a message after the beep
So long as the line stays on.
I can’t let you lose
Because I’d be losing too.
Love’s not a race or competition
See you at the finish line
Eat my dust, coughing up blood
Suffocating, drowning in the fear.
Love’s not a race so
Why does the red hare get there faster?
Perhaps if love was a sport
It’d be a two-legged race,
But baby are we on the same team?
Sometimes I forget you smile with broken lips.
It hurts to be happy when it’s just a theory,
Equations on chalkboards, symbols and chemicals
That even you couldn’t decipher.
Sometimes I forget,
Sometimes I need to be reminded
You’re strong but not invincible.


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