What Time Means To Me

One Century seems long,

When you are young,

But once you live for at least 100 years of age,

You might be a sage.

Other times you may have passed.

The memories that you left with the world, however, will last.

One Decade seems like a milestone.

You may have had some episodes.

One year of school may be overwhelming.

In some cases, you may be excelling.

One Month of preparation may be time consuming.

It may also, at the same time, be amusing.

One week of vacation may be short,

But your time spending with your family was like a fort.

When the day is finally over,

You will be a day older.

One minute, however, seems a bit rough,

So you have to be really tough.

One Second seems a bit short.

So short that it is impossible to distort.

You could end up in your death bed,

Or you could end up not being dead.

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