What They Say

Fri, 05/24/2019 - 18:24 -- SaintJ

"You're getting taller. You're getting stronger,"

these were the words that I heard

"You're getting better. You're getting smarter,"

rest assured they swarmed my thoughts like birds

They'd say things that really made me think,

am i moving too fast and did it differ from my past

People tend to cling to the idea that others were made to sink

but i am different from my class; i was built to last

By the time they realized, They'd listened to real lies

when my time came the difference between us was a shame

Others had tried to fix when how they will revise

yet my brain can't develop like theirs equally or the same

Transformations take place for everyone at a different pace

when i learned this is when my change hit

It happens when you face yourself and state

"i'm changing and i'm okay with it; i'm no longer a kid"

Once I did I no longer felt weak. Once I did I would loudly speak!

You can't lose your way after you see this day

You nor I can't let life hit it's peak especially since life's a big creek

Drifting off into so many pathways, So don't let the rocks that block you be What They Say.

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Our world


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