What She Is


United States

She was born a mistake and mistakes she will make, 

Mistakes are lessons you should take.

She will grow to have two brothers,

And those brothers will bug her.

Mistakes she made but her brothers love her as is...

She simply couldn't stop asking " What's this?" 

Curiosity killed the cat and that was that. 

This girl here was like a cat. 

At first she was as cute and cuddly as a kitten,

Then she grew up and started to claw, 

Like a cat all sassy and all.

But she realized...She doesn't want to be a cat.

She wants to be a girl with knowledge and beauty,

To show the world what she is truly.

To prove to her family that yes she made mistakes,

But mistakes are lessons you should take.

And with those lessons she learned to work hard and earn trust from all, 

For with work is how to get by and trust will help you in time.

She has her loved ones and they forgave her, 

She has her brothers and they love her, for that's all that she wanted,

To be loved as is. 




This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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