What A Shame

Thu, 11/13/2014 - 09:50 -- hsmian
What a shame that the world has cracked 
like an egg dropped by God’s hands,
the ocean spilling out through the crevices
like tears of wounded hearts and of hands
that have given up.
What a shame that we have not bothered
to pick up the pieces and tape 
them back together, until we can see
the picture of what it had once been before.
And what a shame that we let
lands rise up in flames, that we let
the sky become dark enough until we can no longer
even discern the mistakes we made, so we never
bother to fix them.
Perhaps we destroy ourselves to
let the world continue to change, 
to let future generations know 
not to make the same mistakes
we so carelessly had - but they then continue the cycle.
What a shame that we must kill ourselves
to feel alive, that we must destroy others
to assert our dominance. What a shame that
our blue planet has turned red,
that our cloudless skies have turned grey,
and that our painted smiles have faded.
We count on God’s nimble hands
to pick up the pieces, but perhaps
He has grown just as weary as us.


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