What Remains


Everything I see, I see through someone else's lens,

Someone else's point of view.

Someone else's tap and click.

Not bad, just different.

but when you take our filters our lenses our taps our clicks

what remains?

when you replace pixels with flesh

and hashtags with meaningful conversation

what remains?

when facades are replaced with people and wires replaced with life.

filters still exist even when you put the phone down.

my #school filter and my #home filter and my #church filter

only when I'm #allalone is there no filter

no filter means I can thinkdreambe

when i am stripped down to the wire

what remains?

what remains is an actress who maybe wants to be a lawyer but definitely an actress

what remains is a grown up who doesnt want to grow up

what remains is a girl finding her next adventure

what remains is a future world traveler

what remains is a culmination

of experiencesandpeopleandthoughtsanddreamsandfeelingsandneverending





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