What My Teacher Said


They confuse the phrase, “education first”,

With “school” as its primary,

When in reality, you can find information anywhere.


What I don’t say to my teacher,

Is probably the same words I don’t say to my parents;

But I will say this to all of the students in world,

Don’t let the name of any school fool you,

Don’t be obsessed to think that attending a certain college will bring you joy and success;

Because it will only bring you debts and loans.


The only free institution where you can learn anything and everything,

Is a library.

It’s it hard to believe, but mankind has transformed intellect to occupation

To where people have to pay for a piece of paper; a degree,

To determine our abilities and inabilities as human beings.


Well I Say, all humans have unlimited potential,

Everyone should have a chance to prove themselves

Without having the fact to spend most of our lives at one location.


We’re stabilized by requirements, and it’s a shame;

Because everything that we’ve learned during those four years,

Could’ve been established and completed on our own within two months.


As children,

We are told “education is everything”;

But those who tell us,

Are the ones who are limited within their own knowledge…


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