What My Life Will Be


When I graduate high school,

I'm definitely going to cry.

I'll try hard not to,

but there's no doubt I will.


When I graduate college,

I'm definitely going to cry.

I'll try to be strong,

but I'll be starting my life.

I'm going to laugh with my best friend.

I'm going to be who I am.


I'll finally have the chance

to live my own life.

I'll finally have a degree,

and I can start my own prime.


I'll have a degree,

and I'll start on my own.

It'll be hard at first, 

but when I grow,

I can have it all.


I'll start a practice,

save animals' lives,

improve upon others,

God, I'm going to try.


What do you think?

I can really do..

I'll show you later;

I'll show you too.


Lives will be saved,

others improved.

Thats who I want to be, 

and what my life will be.


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