What a Man Needs

What does a man need?

Is it the feel of a cold breeze?

Is it the cool taste of a fresh fruit?

Is ihands as knotted as a tree's root?


Do you know what I desire?

The kiss of a women who sets me on fire?

The sound of rustling leaves,

Or perhaps the feel of a calm, cool summer breeze.


While all of these have a beauty of their own,

They can not soften my Heart of Stone.

No, let me tell you what I can't live without,

That which clears my heart of all doubt.


There is something I truly love

Something as pure and innocent as a white dove.

A person whom I see everyday,

The person who makes everything ok.


What I can't live without, even for awhile,

Is my Little sister's sweet little smile.

This poem is about: 
My family


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