What is a man?


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       what is a man ?

what is a man? you see my earliest memory is sun

rays cutting through my bedroom window 

as I watch my mom dwindle in tidle waves

of envelopes and in moments like this I fail

to wrap my mind around plural kinship.

Because its a cultural void and im just a, brooklyn

boy stuck in a glactical statistic, and what is a man?

its something society just cant understand because

it over stepped its boundaries on discipline, strength,

and emotions pumping pychological potions into kids like eye

who fail to realize what is a man? O'man O'man  i hope

this number 5 train stops on planet TRUTH in which

rigtheousness and honesty can go through the autumn

breeze in a place I could say at ease I am a man. A place

where man can Majestically Allign Nutrious with the 

soul and spirit. I wanna hear it from flatbush to yonkers

in order to concure sky scrapers, and at that the 

freedom tower. Where the true meaning can shower 

and reign upon men all over the world. So... What is a man?

its the ability to comprehend thoughts and actions, to send

a sort passion to those you hate and kindly retaliate 

on those you love what is a man ? it's the ability to understand.


                                                                  -SADIQUE COTTLE 



The part were I spell MAN with Majestically Allign Nutritious.


The part were I spell Man with Majestically Alligns Nutritious.

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