What Makes Me Mad

On duty one day, the sun's out there's a breeze,

A man comes out with his sights set on me.

Says he can't swim and he's looking for a lesson,

Short course crashed when I spoke of a correction.

Hand up my leg and chills down my back,

He did me wrong and I don't respect him for that.

Where I come from a Mr. ain't a misses,

And the only one who gets that treatment is a mistress.

A whore, a slut, a homewrecker or hoe,

Because of him I'm at an all time low.

Afraid to love because of intimacy,

Afraid to sleep because I may dream.

No one saved me though witnesses were there,

I guess that's the meaning of, "Life is unfair."

Now there's a warrant for you and a riddle for me,

The operas may have these but so do the streets.

I'm ghost bustin' the phantoms as they come for me.

I can trust no one, so I'm scared and alone,

Can't even go to a lemonade stand on my own.

When you walk with no shadow keep a cross in your hand,

Hold a bible, talk to God, and have a pepper spray can.

And what makes me most angry about all I have seen,

Is that these are the lessons learned by age seventeen.


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