What makes me happy: My Poetry


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When skies are blue

and clouds are grey.

When nothings new

and people, fade away.

When life looks bleak 

and it all seems arbitrary.

You need to realize,

its only temporary.

Soak it all in,

drink everything up.

Make sure that when it ends

you've had enough.

Because as they say, 

this life is too short, 

so let's live it day by day.

We look for life to be nothing but what we please.

To skip our way through with relative ease.

But in the cold, steel face of reality;

Life is hard, and painful, and scary as hell

Beautiful, with rainbows, and ever-ringing light bells.

We go through it with smiles on our faces or tears in our eyes.

Laughing, stealing kisses, and telling little white lies.

our lives are ever so free, but still silently controled.

Living life to its fullest, staying timid, yet bold.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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