What makes me Happy

Sun, 10/13/2013 - 01:29 -- Zze3


Teachers always ask you about what you want to be

"Mijo, are you making the right descisions"

Mom shortly follows 

Everyone around you tries to line you up

On a straight line to adulthood

Isn't it my descision?

Don't I have a say?

I don't care that I am exeptional at math

or science

or Gym

Teachers always make you write

Why do I have a written final in Physical Education?

I could care less about my lack of Englishing skills

I may not English as good as them American students

But I want to see how many of them have actually


On a plausible future

I know what I'm doing

And it doesn't involve Math

Or Science

Or Language Arts

I'm doing what makes me happy.


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