What Makes Me Feel Good

What Makes Me Feel Good


It clung to me like a leech

At the young age of 13,

It was soft and sweet like Jell-O, Pop

At the seasoned age of 17 it became hard-shelled like a Jawbreaker, Hip- Hop and Rap

It wrapped itself around me so tightly like an anaconda,

Chocking the naive mentality I worshipped so deeply

I was brought to awareness of both social and political issues like a news station without the visuals

Raw, uncut, brutal, relatable


Blaring out of my headphones is the medicine that heals the hurts of my soul

Beats and bass replace the sweat dripping out of my pores

Controlling me like a ventriloquist

Causing my body to move or better yet groove 

It is the feeling of complete ecstasy I get from simply listening to music

A feeling of contentment washes through me like the sea crashing on the shore


It is music that motivates me to do my best

It is music that fuels my fire

It is music that accompanies me like Bonnie and Clyde

It is music that tells me not to give up

It is music that starts my day

It is music that allows me to slide out of sticky situations

It is music that makes me feel good


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