What Love Means

When you’re in a relationship,

You feel free. Free to be as weird,

Crazy, and happy as you

Can possibly be. Everything about

Them, their scars, their edges,

And every other part of them

Makes them beautifully, imperfectly

Awesome. They don’t care what

Anyone else thinks.You don’t try to

Change them or anything about them.

They are, as all those love songs

Say, perfect just the way they are.

You feel comfortable around them.

You don’t mind crying in front of

Them or wearing your heart on your

Shoulder. You can be as open with

This one person as much as you could

Possibly want. Every time you hear

A song you love, you think of them.

In the gentle breeze of a cloudy

Day or in the pitter patter of rain

On the window, your heart whispers

For them. They make you smile

More than anyone and they make

Your days brighter. They don’t

Make you feel crazy or stupid and

They don’t belittle you in any way.

They’re just so kind and understanding.

They’re the ones that make sense of

All those love stories you heard of as

A kid. They help you realize why they

Say love makes you go crazy.

They help you make sense of who you

Are and they make you

A better person. Not by forcing you

To do anything. Not by destroying

You. They make you a better person

Just by being there and loving you

The way you always wanted

Someone to. They don’t ask you

To blow off your friends just

Because they don’t like them

Or because they’re insecure.

They don’t ask you to do

Anything that will hurt you or

Break your heart. They understand

That you are human and it’s unfair

To ask you to open wounds or

Bend your bones just to make

Them happy. They understand that

A relationship is not one-sided.

Both give and take equally.

The only exception is when one

Has a rough day or the like.

They listen when you need them

To. They are there for you, even

If they don’t quite understand.

They hold you when you’re

Anxious, listen to you when you

Rant and they make you laugh

When you can’t even smile.

All they want is for you to be

Happy. You feel like you’ve

Met that one person you would

Spend the rest of your life with.

You’re never second to anyone

And they don’t put you on a

Carousel of broken hearts and

Tears. They don’t make you feel

Foolish for giving them a chance

And they appreciate you. They

Appreciate every gift you gave them

And every bit of effort put into that

Relationship. You don’t have

To share them and vice versa.

You don’t have to fit in their

Schedule or anything. They

Make time for you and they don’t

Make you feel like a

Burden. They accept you as

You are and you’re enough

For them. They don’t string

You along for the ride or the

Rush. They don’t use you.

They don’t abuse you or

Your heart in any way.

They don’t take the icing

From the cake that is your

Heart and trash the parts that

They don’t like. They’re your

Best friend, your lover, your first

Thought in the morning,

Your last thought at night,

And they mean so much

To you. They are unlike

Any other being you’ve

Ever known. They don’t just

Let the relationship crumble

At your feet and they actually

Put in the effort. They don’t want to

Waste your time and vice versa.

They know love is too beautiful

To be wasted, so they stay open

And honest. They know life is

Too short to hold back anything.

So, when you hear those words,

"Because I love you", You feel

Content and loved. And you'll

Never know regret.


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