What is love?


What is love?
Asked my boyfriend of 6 months
What is love?
I wouldn't know
Maybe it's the feeling you get
When you know he gets you
He completes you
Wonders you.
How about love is full of emotion
Wondering what is love, is love
You can't stop thinking about it
You want it.
We all do
But yet, you have no idea what it feels like
Is it impossible to feel, impossible to be in love
Or is it just a dream?
Dreaming about him day and night
That sounds like love to me, am I right?
Wanting him to love you for who you can be
The feeling when you know he wants only 'me'
It just makes sense when your together
Everything that's green, you need
I need you
I know you need me too
Its love
The feeling of feeling complete
So really the real question is, Why do we love?

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