What Is Love?

You see, people think they know love,

by the books and movies you know of.

But love isnt about boys, nor gifts,

Nor the way the glass slipper fits.


Love is hearing the sound of music.

Heavy Metal, Pop, Blues, you choose it.

The beats intesify, the chords strung long.

You think im stupid, bit it is you who is wrong.


It starts with headphones when youre alone,

When nobody answered, called to you at home.

You listen to that one sband, that one song,

Days, weeks, months, turn to years long.


By then the song sticks with you.

You sing, hum, sightread, almost anything you can do.

You havent realized it at all yet,

But you attatch th that song, calms you down when you fret.


That, my dear, is love.

Staying up all night, doing all of the above.

You see, people think they know love,

But they are all wrong.....

Music is love.

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Our world
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