What lays Ahead.

Was born from a mother's wound.

Almost died as she opened her eyes.

Felt a thing around the neck.

Tight, no air, I can’t breathe.

Seeing a pair of scissors

 Cuts cord from my neck.

What lies ahead?

"She's not breathing" mother says

Then a cry comes out.

What lies ahead?

"She's not going to survived" the doctor said

Not much oxygen went to the brain

What lies ahead?

You see no oxygen to the brain mean one of two things

She dies or she becomes mentally disabled.

What lies ahead?

After a couple of weeks the beautiful little girl remands alive.

The young couple talked about the options and decided to keep her and love her.

But, what lies ahead?

Meeting with the doctor, what would he say?

She will need special attention. That what he’ll say.

More time, more money and more love.

What lies ahead?

The young couple prayed day and night.

They knew they were not ready for something like this.

 But, what lies ahead?

Couple of months later went check her out.

What just happened?

Impossible! Her brain is functioning great.

What lies ahead?

She would run, walk, jump like very little girl.

Talk, smile and glide like normal little child.

Thank you God for this gift of live.

That’s what lies ahead.




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