What Jesus means to me

As I get beaten and bruised

It seems as though there is no hope.

As I struggle through life

It seems like there is no one to turn to.

But Jesus is always there!


Jesus was born to save me.

He died on the cross

to take away the sins of all people.


When I sin against the Lord

He will forgive me.

When I am bullied and abandoned

I am not alone. 


With Jesus on my side

I win every battle 


He us my almighty Father In Heaven

Watching me on earth.

Teaching me and guiding me through life.

Showing me which way to turn.

My example to love and forgive.

He will never give me what a can not handle


He gives me strength to fight,

Courage to try,

Faith to stand tall,

Hope to be strong,

Joy to live life the fullest


With a Yes, No, Maybe

He answers my prayers.


He gives me daily bread

to get me through each day.

He fills my heart with the Holy spirit

and gives me peace. 

I am a child of God. 




Need to talk?

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