What It Must Be Like

I wonder what it must be like to sit atop the handlebars of your best friend’s bike.
I wonder what it’s like to drive a car, and to stand, looking at the stars.
I wonder how it feels to swim in a pool,
The blue water, oh so cool.
I wonder what it’s like to kick a soccer ball into a goal,
Or to even dig a hole.
These must all be normal activities for you,
But none of which to me, are true.
I cannot stand, I cannot walk,
People look at me strangely, just when I talk.
My mind works fine, I’m the same as you,
Still, people think I don’t have a clue.
I see them staring, their eyes stuck on me like glue,
They’re glad they’re not me, I can see.
They say they can relate, but I know it’s all fake.
Nobody understands without living it,
My life has to be planned out, bit by bit.
Just once, I’d like to do something spontaneous,
But being carefree is something I am not allowed to be.
Yes, it’s true; I don’t have the same abilities as many of you,
And some of the things you are, I can never be.
I watch in my wheelchair from far away, and I look to the sky, and say,
Why me?



But little by little,

nigh by nigh,

I feel my wings gowing

and I start to fly.


Not like you'd imagine, 

I'm still glued to the ground, 

but my heart is free forever

growing in big bounds.


Some may look with pity

others with sad fate,

but I know in my heart

my spirit you can't deflate.


And one bright morn is coming,

I can see it up ahead.

When heaven's gates will open

And my earthly bonds will shed. 




KEEP DREAMING KEEP BELIEVING! Nothing can get in your way, failure is a stat of mind. Be rich in love and you'll have nothing left to wish for :*

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