What it is to be


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time stands still as I take a seat
as I feel my hands shaking
the passion running through me
my heart is racing
this simple thought in creation
this never ending tune
this pattern
this urge
this need
this power flowing through my veins
this is what it is to be
this is what it is to write

it makes me who I am
what I am
the words
my world my own creations
this is what it is to be

as the fingers move over the keyboard
the simple seconds taken by the click click clicking of my fingers
they move swiftly never stopping
my thoughts racing
the characters come to life
this breath I breathe life into the words
into my stories
into my world
into my creations
into my life
into my very being
my never ending soul
this is what it is to be
this is what it is to be a writer

the words on my lips
on my fingertips
the reality that I am
the collision with this world of mine
with this universe of ours
with the simple sayings of tomorrow
of today
this is why I write
life is my inspiration

the ability to pour out of these ties into something so different
so unique
so inspiring
since all poets have long been inspired
by life
by sadness
by love
by joy
by the unexpected world beyond one
yet in one
this is what it is

this is what it means to
this is what it is to
write your soul
to pour your soul
into simple sheets of white paper
into empty spaces to be filled with your inspiration
with your all

this is my passion
this is my reason
to fill the pages of time
with letters that create words
words of inspiration
words of truth
words of confusion
words of sorrow
words of love

this is my escape
my everything
my everlasting dream
my very being
this is what it is like to write



I tend to write in a modern yet more Shakespearean style I believe is because I enjoy his work. this is what it is like in my own mind today what I believe and think in my words in my thoughts.

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