What Is It?

Tue, 07/05/2016 - 11:33 -- Halima

What is it?
What is it that I didn't do for you
What is it that  I didn't take from you
What is it that  I didn't endure

I persevered cause I had hope in you
I pushed harder  cause my love for you was stronger than the pain you were putting me through

I loved you but was dying inside
You were slowly killing me with your atrocities towards me
You cut through my heart with no remorse

I looked in your eyes with tears flowing in mine with blood
All I could see in you was  a man I never knew
A man so furious and malicious

What is it?
What is it you wanted that I never provided
What is it you needed that I never met?

Wasn't my love for you enough
Wasn't my heart I offered to you enough
Wasn't giving you my all, my everything enough

What is it my love?
What is it I missed
What is it I didn't do  that I should have done
Please my love
What is it?


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