What It Is

Joy is not when everything in life is perfect,
It is when you are happy even when you know it’s not
Joy is feeling weightless and free
No matter what burdens tie you to Earth
Joy is floating among the clouds
Even when they’re dark and stormy
Joy is finding a pinprick of light in a dark world
And making it into a blazing fire
Joy is when your face hurts from smiling too much
But you still can’t stop
Joy is the smallest bit of happiness that you can find
That still manages to brighten your day
Joy is shooting with the stars
And ricocheting off the planets,
Bouncing off the asteroids
And singing ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’ the whole way
Joy is making a new friend
That sticks by your side through thick and thin,
Who laughs at your lame jokes
And treats you as an equal
Joy is seeing the details
And watching them weave together into the fabric of life
Joy is the embrace of your family
Sheltering you from the storm
Even for those who are blind,
Joy is everywhere you look
It is in every breath you take
And it stays with you,
Even though it may not seem so
Recognize it on your own,
Or let someone else uncover it for you
But let it be in your life
Let it be a part of who you are


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