What If Gods Are All But Gone?

The year is 2019 and the world is modern.

Most have lost the beilef that the world is flat, though some still often wonder.

We account for illness and celestial beings with science

having lost the idea that these could be a godly presence.

But have you stopped to think,

that the sky is not meant to be a sciency thing

What if the gods are still waitng for us to wake up,

so they desguise themselves with humanly makeup.

What if Aphrodite herself has become a Kardashian

and every 4-8 years Zeus is relected president?

What if Hera is counseling young couples as we speak

before the embark on a new marriage at the end of the week?

Maybe Posiedon is closer than you ever thought,

as he sits in a tall char, blows a whitsle and tells children to "walk"

Imagine for just a moment that the and only Demeter 

is your very own weekly garden keeper.

Is it at all possible that you favorite proffesors of space

are really Appollo and Artemis hiding their face.

Could Athena and Ares be on opposite sides of the middle east's neverending war?

Might Hephestus be heading up the maitnece of oil rigs off the coast of Borgne?

Consider for a milisecond that Hermes is the mind of Jeff Bezos

creating an empire of Amazonian drones.

Is there a possiblity that the waiter asking if you'd like red or white

is the great Dionysis in disguise?

Were so quick to believe what we've been told about the gods.

That they are simply all myths long dead and gone.

But might all these scearios be true? 

What if one of them is sitting right next to youu?

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