What if...

Thu, 06/20/2013 - 18:30 -- Capps



If I find any thing scary I think it's the word if...If can make you the most depressed or happiest person alive in my life I'm scared just to go to the next grade and grow up just because if...what IF I don't pass this test what IF I don't pass this grade what IF I don't make the team what IF my friends don't except me what IF she/he says no what IF I don't make it to Tommrow what IF the collage says no what IF I don't have pay that last bill what IF what if the the test for cancer comes back positive what IF I can't save my self what IF I can't save my family what IF I can't save friend what IF I have  thoughts what IF prayers Arnt answered what IF I lose everything what IF my life  is taken away what happen IF they can't save me! what IF god just says no?IF....if that happens what will?



I really loved this poem, but the bunched up text made it a little daunting. I suggest you space it out, don't be afraid to use a different line to help us with the rhythem you intend for the piece.


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