What If...?

What if I'm not as pretty as you think?

What if I have scars on my face?

What if everything changes once you blink

would I no longer be in first place?


Would you eveen bother

to get to know me

or would it be that much harder

to set me free?


What if I was meaner than you thought?

What if I had more issues than you knew?

What if all I did with you was fought?

What exactly would you do?


What if I say you're the one I want?

What if I only had eyes for you?

What if you were my prey, and I was on the hunt?

What if all of this was true?


What if I was absuive

and just saying things you wanted to hear

causing me to sound persuasive

would you still care?


What if I'm worried about certain things

causing me not to let you in fully?

What if I told you all of this was just a fling?

Would that make me sound silly?


What if you were my baby

and I was your headache?

What if you say I love you, and I say I do too maybe?

What if all of this was an act, causing me to seem fake?


What if I always say you're wrong

and I'm forever right?

What if we don't really get along

and I always start a fight?


What if some days I need love

and other days I need sex?

What if certain days, It's you I shove?

Would you stay or search for the next?



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