What If?


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What if I wasn't the person you perceive me to be and think I am?
That I can do and accomplish anything that you don't think I can?
Seeing the outside but not in,
Seeing only a happy face because of a grin?
What if I've been to the unbearable places?
When I close my eyes and still can see the looks on their faces?
Feeling inside, like I am the only one who can help?
Being awaken from the way she felt, my mother indeed, a distinct yelp?
What if i could help then, and become a friend
Or could I just have walked away from... Them... Forever?
I would be free, they could deal with each other,
But I didn't, I was a man in making and had to help my mother
What if I told you that I was pretty much a momma's boy?
That I LOVE my mother more than a desert kid loves a lama toy?
What if I could recite to you every word, every place, every face, every action?
What if I could tell you what happened and then told you my reaction?
What if this charm and this smile was hiding the hurt inside for a while?
That this little guy had to step in and help... Yes, a child.
What if I could leave you off telling you I went through it all, facts, fiction, and the myths.
What if I went through depression, hurt, agony, deprivation, negligence, and abandonment, What If?here)


quentin freeman

A young male writing about life

quentin freeman

Poem about a young mans life

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