What If

What if

Snow White’s skin

wasn’t pale as snow?


But instead, a rich mahogany

polished and refined

and given a chance

to shine.


What if

it wasn’t her complexion

but her compassion for others

that made her pure?


Her acceptance

of each and every friend

from once upon a time to the happy end.


What if

the Evil Queen

wasn’t a person

but a standard?


And her poisoned apple

an ingrained belief

grown from ignorance and insecurities.


What if

her mirror mirror on the wall

was really

a self portrait of us all?


More than a reflection,

indeed, a deliberate creation

drawn from our culture.


What if:

It is a statement

that can stand alone.


Yet always invites us

to consider so much more


Once Upon a Time...


This poem is about: 
Our world


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