What if?

But what if?

What if I don’t know what I want?

What if I spend my life in peril?

What if everything doesn’t go according to plan?

Those are questions I’ve asked myself several times in the past,

and the answer brought a revelation,

a funny thing about life,

It makes you want to live happily.

It makes you want to move forward.

What if every failure that you’ve ever had could be forgotten,

erased, vanished?

Easy, move on.

What if instead you could do what you want?

What if you could throw yourself off an airplane,

to experience the wind on your face,

or what if you could launch yourself into space,

where no other man has ever been.

There are so many different ways,

so many different dreams and versions

of how we present ourselves to the world.

Awesome thing is: Those dreams are real.

Those ways are achievable.

It’s all at the reach of your fingers,

until the moment you start doubting yourself.

The moment that the fears cloud your judgement.

The moment you start asking the wrong what ifs.

And the most awesome thing about life is that

you can take those what ifs,

those wicked ones that bring you down,

those what ifs that ruin you,

and replace them with positive ones.

You can take your life and shape it how you like it,

and no one can tell you to live it but yourself.

What if I don’t like my future?

What if you love it?

What if I get my heart broken?

What if you find the love of your life?

What if I fall behind?

What if you get back on your feet?

What if I die?

Well, what if you live?

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