What if


  What if this time i'll lose

  What if tomorrow dies

   'What if' she said 


  What if this time i'll win

  What if today is my day

  'What if' she ASKED

   Turned left and right

 The light was too bright

     I need a knight

      'No' she said

      I have to fight

       I might fight


       What if i'll lose

       What i'll win 


 What if tomorrow shines 

  Lord give me the sign

        To hold on 

     I was drown to this 

     I was made for this

     'A good luck kiss'

           She said

    'Is all i need maybe'

    'Maybe its my time'

    'What it' they said

'Go ahead' they screamed

     'Stay' they ordered 

On her way she disappeared

       She run away

    And 'what if' remains 

      In they Brains.






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