What I Would Say, If I Could Say


What I would Say,

If I could say

would be daring

and bold

and new 

and maybe a little bit different too.


I would say how you have gotten rid of the best

the cream of the crop.

All of your best are gone from the top

yet you know this

and you show this

but nothing is done to overthrow this.


students have marched

and begged

and pleaded

parents have yelled

and screamed

and yet we're all defeated.


sometimes i wonder if you really want to change at all

standing there looking so tall

mighty and powerful over everyone's heads

yet crumbling from the bottom and ripping kids from their beds

their roots ripped up from the ground again

lost and alone, you stand and defend

blind enough to say we can do it

when those words taste false on our tongues

and i wish i could prove it.


but alas i stand alone in my thoughts

words like beaten children who no longer fought

a fight that was lost

a war never over

but to the districts, i believe

they're totally screwed over


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