What I Would Change


We take, we destroy, and we grow.

We grow without regard to the life around us - not even our own.

We poison our lands, our air, our streams, and our bodies.

Yet we build wealth.

Vast wealth, which encompasses and surpasses the importance of all things.

Wealth, the concept of which only exists within the parameters of human imagination.

Money, which would not even exist if we would not have decided it, did.

Perhaps that is why we value it so much.

We enjoy being responsible for the creation of something – and we love it for that reason.

Perhaps that is why we will do anything for it…

Lie, Steal, Cheat… Murder.

Murder the streams, the butterflies, the trees…

Murder ourselves!

But given the power, I would change it all.

I would make things the way our creator intended.

I would save us from ourselves, and show us the higher road!

Poised on the mountain of Truth,

As guardian of Mother Earth,

Reticence shall not be my sin!


I would smite the dragon of avarice that pollutes our skies and waters with his foul methane breath,

And return our Kingdom Earth to Mother Nature.

I would level the concrete quarters of capitalism and build forests in their wake,

Teaching our power-hungry cash-cows to graze on grass

Instead of feasting on the impoverished lives of others.

Efface will be the fate of the invidious discord mighty-mouths

Who thrive on the demolition of our roots,

Profit from the death of our planet,

And bask in the light of electronic screens swallowing the innate desires of our children

To feel the sun on their faces and the grass against their ankles.

I would remind our society of a love of the natural world,

Bathed in sunlight,

Rather than a flat, lifeless screen

Casting a blue glow

Across stoic faces in a dark cave.

There is more to life than that which human hands can create!

That which is more beautiful, more pure, more intense;

That which can evoke tears and inspire miracles.

I would bless each soul with the reality

Of having not the clamor of bustling, surreptitious industry as a lullaby,

But rather the crisp chirping

Of crickets under a clear starry sky.

I would return humankind to the dogma from whence we came;

That which is honest and caring

Ambitious and natural;

Close to the Earth

And therefore close to the Creator.

If I could, I would…

And someday, I pray that I can.


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