Ok ok i hear u baby u've said ur part now its time for me to talk time

.... for

.... u.

... to

.... listen.

... to

.... me.

Look i love u boo but u gotta allow me to be me

....allow me to let loose n express my emotions.

I wanna be vulnerable wit u, I want to be able to can let my guard down and cry, shout and throw tantrums

......i wanna know that wen the shit starts pouring in u'd still be here wit me, to hold me, comfort me and tell me its gonna be ok

.......i NEED u to be my pillow n diary

......let me feel u flow through me wen we make love, wen i look at u and wen i touch u

....... So can u do that for me baby? Huh.......

Can u give me what i want?


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