What I See


You see the laughing and the smile

As I feel the pain and the sorrow

Life is all fun and games

until you lose what you’ve always had

When the sun shines and the bird fly

I’m in my room, trying not to cry

I could be around hundreds of people

and yet feel like I am alone

no one understands me

because everyone is different and it’s never the same

My best friend left

and my friends do, all the time

It feels like everyone has someone except for me

Why do I feel this pain

I might never know

Someone might say because I need to get out more

But how can I when I feel restricted

My friends get to busy for me

They all have someone to be around or somewhere to be

The feeling of illusion clouds my mind

The feeling of confusion makes me want to cry

I feel lost as if I didn’t exist

Tell me what to do I can’t get out of this bottomless pit

I’m missing everyone as my body leaves my mind

I’m going insane as I slowly die

Every day closer and closer we are to death

“Why not just make it go by faster”

my head always says

Life, what’s the meaning

Death, what’s the feeling

Happiness, what’s it feel like

Sadness, it’s always a strike

to the heart and to the soul

Not just a walk in the park

Not just a breath of fresh air

Look around you

what do you see?


No, it’s the vision of what I want you to see

I’m hiding the real me

Don’t ask to see the real thing

because you can’t handle the truth

And the truth will not set me free


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