What I can do after all that you did.

Do you appease of my life?

I don’t have muscle, grit, nor a respectable name.

Not yet worthy of falling to the scythe.

I gave into their ways, and I’m the one to blame

But there’s an all new freedom that cannot be tamed.

An education nowadays defines a reputation

And I will take that opportunity without hesitation.

I will make a name for all of us.

And not allow our pride to rust.

The pride I read about in my history book the other day.

I saw how you refuted their every way,

And it inspired me to do my best every day.

There’s always talk about your long walk.

It makes me sad to hear about that,

How white men forced you away like livestock.

It must make you sad to see what we’ve become

Prioritizing dumb acts and chit-chat

Instead of honoring where you once stood at.

All I have to offer now is to take their test

To prove I am the best

So I can make a name of our pride

And turn the tide

So we can finally strive

Before our legends die.

I can’t talk to you through a textbook

So I don’t know what you expect of me

But with the textbook, I can regain the pride they took.

It sure isn’t going to amount to what you did.

But this what I can offer to you after everything you did.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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