What Is Hip Hop?


United States
39° 48' 31.1544" N, 104° 50' 1.6368" W

It was a tale of two
She was Hip
He was Hop
They met in a frequency
That no other knew of
At a pace so fast
That they left others behind
Since that moment
They stood hand in hand
Like a two bars
Mixing on a symphony
Hip knew the beat at which he spoke
Hop understood her voice as it rang in a Capella
The duet was strong
No one could deny that love
It was admired, completely envied
That their wave length were so close
It appeared inseparable
But without warnings, alarms, or screams
Their tempo came to a stop
The Melody was corrupted
When they other chords and opinions cross in between their sound
It drew a wedge so great
That Hip fell
And Hop got strong out
And they decided to try new pitches
So Hip dated Ricky Rock
And Hop chose Pop
But in the end they were both lost
And broken-hearted
Each and every relationship
That seemed to fail
They still don't realize
That they were meant for each other
That no other could make a pitch
As they did
But stubbornness overcame Hip
Money dominated Hop
And they've been separated for so many years
They barely remember each other
On sight
So Hip Hop recall those timeless memories
Your pact
Your endeavor
The world needs you to get back together


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