What Happens...

What happening to the world we live in...

As we turn on the news, their goes a child killed by the offcials that are suppose to protect us.

What happening in the world we live in, the ones that we slap hand to hand with as a sign of brotherhood, are the ones that are killing us off ; mentally and physically. What happen to the trust we have in our brothers and sisters? Did we ever have it?

Did we slip thur the cracks in the concert, of where we should have grown like the rose Tupac methorically shared with us?

What happen to " we are our  brothers keeper" ?

Are we really ?

And the first wrong move we do not agree with, we have our brother pin up in a dark alley, as his life  flashing before is eyes.

As some immortal take on the job, as if they are the all mighty God, to make decisions of life and death.However, when that one person take that last breath, their are atleast ten faithful people that dies with that one soul. What happens?

Do we slip that under the rug ?

All these killing who are we to take another life? We been doing this all wrong in society for way too long.

A immortal, killed the great,  Martin Luther King, when he was the voice of CHANGE!

It makes me question society on what they believe is right!  Because HISTORY serves that it is just different.It was okay to kill of a ethnic group of Native American Indians from their home, it was okay for other races to pulll down another race just because they did not fit into the AMERICAN dream they wanted to paint to the others.

It is okay to killl off our brothers and sisters, because if you believe in a higher creator, we are all one. What happens... do we still live in this mess because we still do not feel stable to rebel or does our Bill Of Rights restrict us still of what we are suppose to be free on?

I laugh silently, what happens... nothing we get old and die if we are lucky. Or get sick from the pollution of man made mechicans or the fire arm that is also man made and operated by one.

What happen, we dont know but what we do know lies on the plate we eat on but never refuse to question because the life you thought was so good compared to the other nations seen worst however no one wants to see our pain we indulge in... daily.

What Happens... no answer.

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